Holiday travel is often quite a drag. Longer lines at security, overcrowded restrooms, and little to no outlet space for charging your phone to browse through memes before you’re bombarded by life back home. But, some airports go above and beyond with their Christmas decorations to make things festive, fun, and bright.Coincidentally, some of the United States’ busiest airports are also some of the most festive airports at Christmas. And, you’ll find that airports in Europe and Asia also work to add an extra festive touch to their terminals at Christmas, too.Don’t be a Scrooge and check out just how these airports are decking the terminals for holiday season. Here are the world’s seven most festive airports at Christmas.1. Singapore Changi AirportIt’s hard to find an airport more full of holiday cheer than the Singapore Changi Airport. Makeshift forests, winter wonderlands, and holiday decorations turn the airport into one of…