Florida resident urges reopening of Canadian border Catherine Hawley reports HOMOSASSA, Fla. – The U.S.-Canada border has been shut down to non-essential travel since March of last year. As vaccination rates rise, there is mounting pressure on both governments to release a reopening plan. Now a Tampa Bay area man is joining that fight more than 1,300 miles away, buying television ads on both sides of the border. “President Biden, Prime Minister Trudeau, my fiancé and I are separated by your closed border; it’s just policy to you but it’s prison to us,” says one ad. The ads are now airing on screens in Vancouver, Ottawa and Toronto. The latest push by John Adams in his fight to re-open the border. The Citrus County man owns a home in Canada. “The last time that we were at our place was in September of 2019, had no idea, as did anybody, what was coming,” he…