Discover Thailand’s best by wandering around Bangkok wherein you’ll find some of the most delicious Thailand dishes in the country. Do you know what native Thais say when they meet? Hello? Hi? How are you? Nope! They usually ask “Have you eaten?” instead of those regular greetings. It proves that Thais really adore and appreciates their own cuisine. The same habit of this greeting can also be found in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok. Bangkok, one of the most popular backpackers’ destinations in Southeast Asia, serves diverse types of cuisine ready for you to try. Bangkok is even famous for its street-foods, which has unlimited dishes to choose from at a low cost. Here we have a list of a variety of Thailand dishes that you have to try when you come to Bangkok. Main Dish 1. Tom Yam Goong Photo by amrufm CC BY 2.0 Do you know what Thailand’s…