The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reduced the warning levels for more than 110 countries and territories on Monday. This was done to allow them to better differentiate between countries where the COVID-19 pandemic is “sustained but controlled” and where the outbreak situation is “severe.” Included in its group of lowered countries were 61 that had been at level 4, the highest one. Remaining at level 4 are places such as Brazil and India. Amongst the 61 that are now at level 3 are Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey. The CDC still recommends against nonessential travel to those places unless the traveler is vaccinated. Meanwhile, countries that have been moved to level 1, the lowest one, include Albania, Belize, Iceland, Israel, Singapore and South Korea. According to the CDC, travelers looking to go to those places should still be vaccinated prior to departing. Previously,…